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Kush Fantasy is a hybrid strain created by crossing the infamous Purple Urkle X OG Kush strains. Kush Fantasy buds have super dense spade-shaped dark forest green nugs with rich purple undertones and a tempting coat of sparkling crystal trichomes. This bud has a very distinct aroma of kush topped with sweet berries and pungent grapes. The taste is almost the same, with a pungent berry flavor that has a sharp sour skunky aftertaste.

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The Kush Fantasy high is definitely a creeper, hitting long after you toke when you least expect it. It’ll start with a heavy feeling in the back of the head and the eyes accompanied by mental pain relief and an exceptional feeling of euphoria. This slowly ebbs into a body high that is warming and relaxing with a heavy couch-locked effect that leaves you feeling like you’re floating. These effects coupled with its THC level that is said to be moderately high make Kush Fantasy perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or tremors.

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1/8, 1/4, 1/2, OZ

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